Sunday, July 8, 2012


Just like the millions of young people out there,i am looking for a way to generate money,the next big money making scheme.Going through job sites,bugging relatives across the country,pitching business ideas at any given opportunity - the daily struggles of a younster *sighs*.Everybody goes through this stage at one point in time but what matters is the hope,the drive,self belief and hardwork.I pray everyone gets their hearts desires and things work out beautifully for everyone going through one struggle or the other.May God see us through.


Hello people,i am a huge fan of tattoos,simple,nice meaningful ones not the go crazy and have "drake" tattooed on you fore head or have it as a second skin.It could be your intials or a meaningful date or the picture of your loved ones but something of importance that signifies a stage in our lives.Here are a few pictures.Enjoy

Do you like tattoos or have any send me a pic :)


Hello blogworld,finally i muttered up the courage to start my blog,been deciding on it for about a year and now is never too late.First dilemma was what am i going to be blogging about(hmm).oh well,i decided anything and everything that interests me and daily happenings around me.So stick around and i hope to bring you lots of intersting stuff.muaahhh